Tony Perkins and “Lack of Tolerance”

According to this article, Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, feels that when gay people post photos of gay people on Facebook so Christians can see them, they (Christians) are being persecuted.


Perkins goes on to say (in response to a person who called into his Washington Watch radio show):

This is being shoved into people’s faces, and if, like you, they say, I don’t want this on my Facebook page, I don’t want this, I don’t want to see this, look, do whatever you want to do but don’t involve me in that – that’s not good enough, there’s this effort of forced acceptance and affirmation, and we just can’t do that. (emphasis mine)

Is this calling the kettle black … or is this calling the kettle black?

Isn’t it interesting that when it’s something “The Christians” don’t like to see, it’s “forced acceptance and affirmation.” Yet putting Christian signs, symbols, displays, slogans, etc. in public places … or starting public meetings with a Christian prayer … this isn’t forced acceptance and affirmation (based on Perkins’ definition)?

But the topper was when Perkins told the caller that he was witnessing first-hand the “lack of tolerance” from gay people.

Oh My Thor!

Apparently, the distraught Christian didn’t know how to simply click the “unfollow” button.

P.S. For the full response by Perkins, listen to the audio (if you’ve got the stomach for it).


3 thoughts on “Tony Perkins and “Lack of Tolerance”

  1. LOL I agree. Do Christians not know how to unfriend someone? Or how about the fact that you can stop following a person on FB without unfriending them. You can also mute on Twitter without unfollowing. Everyone is responsible for what comes in their own feed since they can control it.

    Also, if we are to be objective about this, shouldn’t straight couples keep their relationships off social media too? Ridiculous!


  2. Well, ya’ know, TA, poor little Christians are so browbeat and discriminated against, they have to complain to somebody that “understands” their discomfort.

    Ridiculous, indeed!

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