Are You “Saved”?



I have a few Christian “followers” — and these questions are mostly directed to them. However, everyone/anyone can feel free to jump in at anytime.

  1. What were the requirements you had to fill to be “saved” in your denomination?
  2. How did you know you were “saved”?
  3. What do you need to do to stay “saved”?
  4. Is it your belief that if a person leaves the faith, they were not “saved” in the first place? If so, why?
  5. If your answer to #4 is “yes,” what must the person do to truly be “saved”?
  6. If your answer to #4 is “no,” can the person be “re-saved”? If so, what must they do?

9 thoughts on “Are You “Saved”?

  1. I’m not a Christian, but I’ll take your “everyone/anyone” seriously and answer these.

    What were the requirements you had to fill to be “saved” in your denomination?

    None that I’m aware of.

    How did you know you were “saved”?


    What do you need to do to stay “saved”?


    Is it your belief that if a person leaves the faith, they were not “saved” in the first place? If so, why?

    I’m not sure what it means to leave the “faith.” There are many atheists who still identify as Jewish. So I don’t really think of them as leaving.


    • Consoled Reader, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Although you’re not a Christian, were you ever? If not, then I can see where it would be difficult to answer the questions since you don’t have any personal experience.

      In question #4 I assumed (always a bad idea) that readers would know I was referring to the Christian faith. You are correct that those who are Jewish by heritage, not religion, could still identify as atheist.


  2. 2. Salvation was a continuous process. You would only know you were saved on the other side of the grave. That is what I was taught as a Catholic
    3. As a catholic, you always had to work towards your salvation by attending mass, receiving the sacraments and doing good
    4. No
    5. N/A
    6. I don’t know


    • Mariah and Makagutu,

      I think the Catholic perspective is considerably different than those in the Protestant denominations … particularly Evangelicals as they take their salvation much more seriously. Hopefully I’ll get some input from some of them as I think it could create some interesting discussions.

      I do appreciate your input.


  3. I definitely hope you get some thoughtful answers from the Christian readers of this. Like Makagutu, I was raised Catholic also, and saved was never something that was permanent on this side of death, one day you could be saved, the next day in dire trouble. It was a repairable state. It seems to me to be a sensible take on the issue assuming their worldview is accurate. Like Mak, I don’t think it’s accurate.
    It is a question that illuminates a lot about the basis for the reactions and actions of members of various sects of Christianity. It also helps to understand what people from those various sects go through when they deconvert.
    When I’m asked if I’m saved, my usual answer is that I’ve never been wasted…


  4. Actually most evangelicals tell us that if we believe in Jesus (as God) we will be saved (just accept him into your heart). Of course, there is not one word in the Bible that claims Jesus was God, he just repeated many of the same platitudes such as “the only way to the father is through me” which for a Jew was blasphemous, so I suspect “he” didn’t say that, but others put those words in his mouth. Jesus, the poor schlemiel, was only expecting God to step in and miraculously throw out the Romans. He had no idea someone was going to cobble a new religion around him, especially one that denied Judaism..

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  5. When I was a Christian, this is how I would have answered for me personally, not necessarily my denomination:
    1. Trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins rather than your own effort.
    2. You never really knew for sure you were saved, but if your life evidenced the fruit of the Spirit, then you could be more sure. And I always said that if it mattered to you whether or not you were saved, you probably were.
    3. Once saved always saved.
    4. Since I believed in once saved always saved, then yes I thought apostates were never saved, or were still saved but did not know it.
    5. Great question! Again, you would never know for sure if anyone was truly saved. Ultimately, it was up to God’s election.

    Now, of course, I see all this as nonsense. There is no unknown spiritual 0/1 categorization of unsaved/saved. There are people who say they believe and there are people who don’t.

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