What If Conservatives Actually Followed The Teachings of Jesus?

Love the title … but this article is also excellent.


7 thoughts on “What If Conservatives Actually Followed The Teachings of Jesus?

  1. That is an excellent post. Rather than trying to or not trying to follow what Jesus’ teachings actually said, I’d settle for conservatives just out and out going away, permanently. Maybe all of them could be relocated to Florida and Texas, then those two states could be excised from the rest of the country. I’d sleep better if that happened. Hell, so would the damn conservatives! They’d have a whole new country of money-grubbing vultures, made up of two former U.S. states, to call their own, and do with whatever they wanted. They could cut taxes, kill the poor, shoot hoodie-wearers, and ban birth control to their heart’s content. There’d be no lefty a-holes like me to make fun of ’em anymore.


  2. To follow is a story taken from Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov.” The atheist of the three brothers, Ivan, has written a story that he wishes to share, a story he calls, “The Grand Inquisitor.”

    In it, Jesus returns to earth during the Spanish Inquisition, fifteen centuries since man has ceased to see signs from heaven. Jesus walked once more among men in the human shape in which he walked among them all those many centuries ago – he performs miracles, a blind man sees, a dead child rises. Everyone recognizes him.

    The aged Cardinal, who heads the Inquisition, sees him, has him seized and taken to prison. Jesus does not speak, the Inquisitor in fact tells him NOT to speak, “For Thou hast no right to add anything to what Thou hadst said of old. All has been given by Thee to the Pope, and therefore, all is in the Pope’s hands – there is no need for Thee to come at all.”

    The Grand Inquisitor then tells Jesus that he, Jesus, erred when he resisted Satan’s three temptations in the wilderness – Satan offered him miracle, mystery, and authority, and Jesus rejected them all. But, the old Cardinal reveals, the Church accepted them. The Church rules the masses precisely by miracle, mystery, and authority; and, he argues, that is what the masses need.

    Jesus did not want to win them by miraculous acts and dominate them with power; he wanted them to have freedom of choice, but freedom is too difficult and frightful for them, says the Inquisitor, and so the Church has taken the three awesome gifts from the devil, and, he concludes, “We are not working with Thee, but with him — THAT is our mystery.”

    He declares he will have the divine intruder burned at the stake the next day, and that the masses will hasten to follow his orders. But Jesus, still not speaking, simply kisses him on the lips, that was all his answer.

    The Grand Inquisitor opens the cell door and says, “Go, and come no more…come not at all, never, never.” And the divine visitor leaves.

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    • Actually, my domain is about to expire, and when I renew it, I’d like it to be with whatever hosting company I go with, so I am, as we speak, searching for a hosting company whose format I feel comfortable with. And NO – that would NOT be WordPress!


  3. What you’re actually looking for is not so much the hosting company format as the blogging platform that will work for you (for example, SquareSpace, Blogger (Google), TypePad, Tumblr, etc.). If I’m not mistaken, you can use whatever platform you want with pretty much any hosting company. It seems you’ve had a bad experience with WordPress, but really, it’s one of the best and most versatile (I’m talking about wordpress.org, not the free wordpress.com).


    • I just copied your entire comment to text – I’ll use it to start my hunt afresh tomorrow, I’ve spent all of the time on the computer today that I want to.
      (although knowing me, I’ll be back.)


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