Kill ‘Em All!

Just read this in an article at … and it chills my bones:

America is in a generational struggle against the sick, pathological and extreme ideology of Islam, and America must show no mercy for the merciless Islamic State, which seeks the “breaking of the American [Christian] cross” and the fulfillment of Islamic prophecy. We must unleash the full fury and might of the U.S. military on the Islamic State and annihilate these animals who would end our U.S. Republic, democratic elections and religious freedom, leaving only Sharia law. And, we must fight to victory or condemn future generations to a perpetual state of war, or worse.

I don’t think any of us want to be in a “perpetual state of war,” but is unleashing the “full fury and might of the U.S. military on the Islamic State” the answer? Does this writer think we can just walk in and blow the smithereens out of the countries that support terrorism and walk away unscathed?

I recognize that diplomatic reasoning doesn’t seem to be working, but it turns my stomach when the writer says we should “annihilate these animals.” If the U.S. were to follow his strategy, not only the “animals” would be annihilated, but thousands of innocent people as well.

I admit I don’t know the answer to the global situation that is facing the U.S. (and other countries), but there must be a better way than the venomous and vicious plan offered by this writer.



8 thoughts on “Kill ‘Em All!

  1. There’s no solution through either political or military action. Both approaches are too limited, and they emphasize what separates people instead of commonality. There’s no path to compromise with any kind of fundamentalism, theirs or ours. But there’s more than one kind of “conversion”. To fund permanent change would require Americans to sacrifice the bottom line of Capitalism, and share knowledge, material, educational and technological resources more freely with the ordinary people of the less-developed world. The only way to defeat tyrannical philosophies is to offer something better, things that transform lives, like cleaner water, power generation technology, computer access, and generosity and encouragement in general.


    • In theory, I totally agree with your solution. However, I have long-standing doubts that such actions will ever take place. The key word in your comment? “Sacrifice.” Americans are too comfortable living in their own little cocoons. It’s far easier to “send someone else” to take care of the bad things than to offer up oneself.

      Thank you for offering your thoughts.


  2. Perhaps we should force the writer of that piece onto a plane, give them a gun and say, “Go get ’em cowboy.” Then we can all sit back and watch them cry like a baby over having put their foot where their mouth is. If only the ones who declared war went to war, there would be absolutely no war. But with people like that writer out there gobbling up everything they hear as the gospel, and then spewing it out all over the rest of us, it leaves nothing to wonder as to why there are more than enough trained monkeys to send to war in place of the inciters.


  3. Hi Nan, I have to agree with Invisible Mikey, on this one. How to do that though….?
    I did want to comment that while reading the quote from “” I was struck by how much it sounded like the sermons of the priests who incited the Christian lords to furry during the crusades.
    My, how much has changed.:)


  4. I thought I would just share this article:

    Very interesting perspective, not sure if the studies cited are reliable as I never really fact checked it. But if it is indeed true then we are looking at the whole problem wrong. It is not about stopping them, but stopping us from being assholes to them in the first place.


  5. From the article referenced by Powell:

    The U.S. killed more than 150,000 innocent Iraqi civilians during the seven-year occupation. Our “terror is delivered to the wretched of the earth with industrial weapons. It is, to us, invisible. We do not stand over the decapitated and eviscerated bodies left behind on city and village streets by our missiles, drones and fighter jets,” Chris Hedges writes. “We self-righteously condemn the killers as subhuman savages who deserve more of the violence that created them.”


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