It Was His Time to Go

pistolGun-lovers simply cannot seem to understand that just because they have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, it is not necessarily going to protect them. This was proven to be true in the recent shooting in Nevada.

Even though the man who was shot dead in the Walmart store by these crazed killers had a concealed carry permit, it did him absolutely no good in the long run. News sources indicate he tried to use his gun on the male killer, but the wife pulled out a gun from her purse and shot him instead.

In a discussion about this incident with a gun-loving friend (who also has a concealed carry permit), he made this comment about the dead man,  “It was his time to go.” When he said this, I couldn’t help but think (to myself because I definitely did not want to get into a heated debate) … if this was the case, then what is the point of carrying a gun at all? When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. Right?

Let me be clear. As I’ve mentioned in my other postings about guns, I have no problem with responsible gun owners. I know that many of them enjoy target-shooting and/or hunting. At the same time, I do feel some of these individuals put far too much faith in that gun they so lovingly conceal and carry with them everywhere they go.

And this perspective, at least to me, was tragically demonstrated by the event that took place in Nevada.

As an added note, I think it’s disgusting that the news articles about this event focused almost entirely on the two police officers that were killed, with only a brief mention about the other man (some don’t even give his name). His life meant something as well.


2 thoughts on “It Was His Time to Go

  1. I hadn’t heard that the man inside the Wal-Mart had a concealed-carry gun on him. There are so many times when this could actually get more people killed than it might save. As you pointed out, it certainly is no guarantee of safety.

    I read this article this week about a pair of parents who killed a man and wounded another that had their gun(s) to their daughter’s head. The whole time I was reading it I was thinking of all the ways this incident could have so much horribly worse.

    I have gun and I like to target-shoot. But I have a healthy respect for them and I know that it isn’t a fail-safe against danger. In fact, my brother-in-law has tried to convince me of why I need to carry it in my purse. I’ve never done so because I don’t believe it would save me if someone had a gun pointed at me.


  2. One of the very first articles that was published on this incident included the part about the man’s concealed weapon. Strange that it wasn’t mentioned in future articles … ??

    I found it rather odd that in the article you referenced, the culprits were identified as “Mr.” so-an-so. I always thought this was a sign of respect!!

    I’m with you regarding the gun in the purse. Besides, I’m far from being certain that I could even use it if the circumstances warranted. Killing another human being is serious business. I guess if you were truly threatened, things would be different. All we can do is hope and pray we’re never in that position.


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