Who Were You in Your Past Life?


Here’s to some lighthearted fun …


I was a Greek Philosopher. 

Here’s what it said:

“You are a quiet soul who enjoys reading and writing above all else. You spend a lot of your time thinking about religion, philosophy and how to make the world a better place. Just like your past-self, you are likely to influence others around you.”

Those who know me well would most likely agree. 🙂

Don’t be shy … leave a comment and let us know who you were, and if you agree.


8 thoughts on “Who Were You in Your Past Life?

  1. I got hippie.

    “You are a creative soul who enjoys all forms of art, music, and poetry. You also have a deep concern for the world around you and believe in truth and peace. After taking all those drugs, no wonder you can’t remember your past life!”

    Doesn’t surprise me. Must be part of the reason why I want a nose piercing for Mother’s Day. I’m a bit of a chillax kind of girl, but became even more of one to balance out my intense husband. (He was over half way through his Navy career when we married.) I am also one who would rather tend to yard work than house work.

    This was fun, Nan. Thanks!


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