The Ongoing Struggle: Faith vs. Science

belief-factsMany believers are feeling considerable discomfort related to the current TV series entitled “COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey” — an outstanding presentation hosted and narrated by well-known physicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. The program is an updated version of the television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyagewhich was presented in 1980 by Carl Sagan (deceased 1996).

To the devout, this documentary is a blasphemy against their Creator-God since it is based on “science” — a nefarious, liberal, secular agenda whose sole purpose is to turn people from god (quote by Brandon Fibbs at

In truth, Science is an objective, methodological tool that uses reason and evidence to study the world around us. Unfortunately, these two words are often missing from the vocabulary of many believers. They prefer the word FAITH. For them, the words from a book written centuries ago by unknown authors carries much more weight than the experiments and observations made today by astrophysicists, astronomers, cosmologists, etc.  They prefer to cling to the old adage, “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.”

Probably the biggest difference between Faith and Science is that science is always asking, always seeking, always yearning to know more. It is never satisfied with the status quo. Religion, on the other hand, is static, preferring to cling to traditions and doctrines established by individuals who lived in vastly different times and under widely different circumstances.

For some, Faith may have the answers … but Science asks the questions.


10 thoughts on “The Ongoing Struggle: Faith vs. Science

    • @theotherchristians:

      It appears from your Tweets that you feel science and religion can be compatible. Is this a correct interpretation? If so, how do you answer believers who disagree with you?


      • Hello Nan,
        This is the reply from Chris.
        “My first instinct is often laughter, then I realize that I am supposed to be more mature than that. So I dive in with some socratic questioning like this:
        1) To what extent do you believe you were created by God?
        2) To what extent do you believe God created the physical universe?
        3) To what extent do you believe God wants you to know him through his creation?
        And so on. Eventually we tackle science concepts which they often have little knowledge or exposure to.

        It takes patience for sure, but I am a teacher at heart. So I use what I have.

        Hope that answers you,
        Chris (AKA The Episcopalian)


  1. Hi Nan,
    Yes I do feel they are compatible, however our Twitter moderator, Chris is actually a science professor. I’m quite certain Chris feels that they are compatible. I will ask Chris to respond.

    I encourage anyone who simply quotes others to question their own thinking. Universally. That includes anyone who quotes books or charismatic leaders. I find that many people fall into that trap regardless of creed.

    I’ll get back to you with the scientists response though.
    Josey (AKA The Methodist)


  2. Thank you for your response, Josey, I look forward to hearing from Chris.

    BTW, I looked at your blog more carefully, read the basic premises, and can honestly say that had I come across this philosophy some 20+ years ago, I would probably have been one of the “Other Christians.” Today, however, after extensive reading and research, I can no longer agree with the Christian perspective in any of its myriad forms. Nevertheless, for those who remain in the Faith, I hope more will embrace your outlook. I think the world would be better off for it.


  3. @Chris — would love to be a fly on the wall to hear what kind of answers you get! And I agree. Few Christians really know the part that science plays in the Universe because they’ve been told from Day One that it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. So they never look any deeper and thus, are offended (and scared) when Science actually makes a valid point.

    I admire you for pushing forward and poking some holes in the wall. 🙂


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