The Santa Story


It seems appropriate at this time of year to write a post about “Santa.” You know who I’m talking about, right? That grandfatherly-looking fellow with a white beard who lives somewhere up around the North Pole? The one who possesses magical powers, helpful elves, and the remarkable ability to discern who’s naughty or nice? The jolly old fellow that children turn to in hopes of getting things they want?

Yes! That’s the one. You know who I mean.

Lately, I’ve been wondering. Has anyone ever noticed the similarities between Santa and that other popular fellow whose name begins with a “G”?

You have?? Must be just a coincidence since we all know Santa is a made-up character. Right?


Yet when you think about it, there are some interesting likenesses.

  • No one has ever seen Santa (the real one, not the holiday impersonators)
  • It’s acceptable to ask Santa for things we want.
  • Santa has ways of knowing when we’ve been “naughty or nice.”
  • Santa lives somewhere “up there.”
  • Santa has promised he will visit everyone on a predestined day.

But hey, these are just chance resemblances. It couldn’t possibly be otherwise. Could it?


9 thoughts on “The Santa Story

    • Chialphagirl is a really sweet young lady, Nan, married, couple of very young children, Christian, but very, VERY liberal Christian, the most open-minded I’ve ever seen. We (several of we atheists) were engaging in some really – I thought – meaningful discussions on her site, Fluid Theology

      Then she and Ark got into an argument, as they had several times before, but this time, she got angry, banned Ark, and set out a long list of subjects that would no longer be discussed on her blog, so from what I can gather, all that remains is for her members that are left, to sit around, praise their god, and congratulate themselves on choosing the only correct religion in the world – basically, what I would suspect heaven to be like.


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