Does “Hank” Remind You of Anyone?


8 thoughts on “Does “Hank” Remind You of Anyone?

  1. Thanks, Nan.

    Charity is my birth name, my mom was into the movie “Sweet Charity”. And yes, my middle name is actually Hope, like Charity’s in the movie.

    I’ve run into you and some of your blogging friends on Nate’s blog. I used to go by my real first name on my blog, but as my blog grew I no longer felt safe using it. That is why I changed everything to CHope. I live in a tiny area in the Deep South and people can make life hell for you if you’re not a Jesus believer. I just want to keep my family safe. So sorry about the confusion.

    I’ve glanced at your blog before and found it very interesting.

    Have a great day!


    • I really feel for you folks that live in the “Bible Belt.” The town I live in (in fact, most of So. Oregon) is quite conservative so I too have to be somewhat careful in my conversations on religion — but not anywhere near the extent that you do. Isn’t it great that we have blogs where we can finally say what we really feel?

      Thanks for visiting!


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