Christian Intimidation

Not too long ago, I asked an interior designer to give me her thoughts on updating my bathroom. (Side note: She offered some great ideas which I’m currently implementing.)

As she was getting ready to leave, we shared a bit of chit-chat at the door. For some reason, our conversation turned to religion and I asked her if she attended church. I immediately sensed her discomfort as she replied no, and then quickly began giving me reasons why she didn’t.  When she finished, I assured her that I didn’t attend either and she visibly seemed more at ease. We then went on to have a discussion on why we chose to be non-believers.

After she left, I pondered her reaction. Why was she so uncomfortable with the question? Did she feel guilty that she wasn’t a church-goer? Did she think perhaps I was a Christian and and would start “witnessing” to her?  Probably a little of both.

A few weeks after this incident, as I thought more about what happened, I wondered why it is that non-believers so often feel intimidated by Christians. In my mind, this should not happen. We are all individuals and we each have a right to believe (or not believe) what we choose. Instead, because this nation has become so indoctrinated by Christianity, anyone who even remotely indicates they are not a believer is suspect. Perhaps not openly, but the air around them definitely changes.

Contrary to what Christians are taught, Christianity is NOT the be-all, end-all religion. Of course, trying to convince the faithful of this fact is a fruitless endeavor. They have been so brainwashed (yes, that’s what I said) by over two-thousand years of dogma and doctrine that they are unable to see any version of the world outside of theirs. It’s sad, really. Especially when you hear or read of individuals who are down on themselves simply because they feel they aren’t living up to the standards “the church” has placed upon them.

I lived in the Christian world for over 15 years and, contrary to what one person commented on this blog, I was a “spirit-filled” Christian who took what the Bible said very seriously. For me, everything written within its pages was true and right.  And I firmly believed anyone who didn’t see things this way was headed for a world of hurt.

Today, however, I am no longer a part of that world — and there has not been one day that I have regretted my decision to leave. Why? Because there are no words to describe the freedom, the happiness, the pure joy of living that I have enjoyed since I made my “escape.”


3 thoughts on “Christian Intimidation

  1. I think so many of them use their “great commission” to rationalize an excuse to exercise their skewered sense of self importance. One day maybe those of them who think they are sincerely following their doctrines will realize that they can’t bully people into believing as they do, but I highly doubt that will ever be the case.
    I was just reading a book review on Rob Bell’s book on the false concept of hell. The comments posted by Christians were horrendous. For a people who claim that they don’t hate anyone they seem to escape their convictions with great magnitude. The grand exodus from Christianity speaks for itself but obviously they choose not to acknowledge it.
    Like you, my life, and the way I interact with others has greatly improved since closing that chapter in my life.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Ann. I haven’t seen the review you spoke of but I have seen other postings on the internet that contain comments so hateful and vindictive that it makes you wonder whatever happened to the “love of Jesus.”


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