Jesus: A Different Perspective

jesusWhile I’m no longer a “Christian,” I do have respect for Jesus. Not the “divine” Jesus of  the Christian world, but rather the man who lived over 2000 years ago and spoke wisdom to his Jewish followers. The Jesus who is eloquently described as a “humanist” (someone concerned with the interests and welfare of humans) on the Unconventional Spirituality blog.

I am often saddened that Paul and, in turn, “the church” has turned this humble man of Galilee into a figure of worship and veneration when, I believe, he simply wanted to show people how to “love one another.”  

I urge both Christians and non-Christians to read the above post. Try to put aside the image of Jesus that Christian teaching has embedded into your mind and view him instead as “a spiritual leader who wanted to give rise to humanity and the moral high ground.”


7 thoughts on “Jesus: A Different Perspective

  1. Thanks for stopping by “kc.” The posting by Ann @ Unconventional Spirituality really moved me and I felt it deserved some additional promotion.


  2. Your comments on Our Lord Jesus Christ are unfounded and unlearned. Pray for guidance, so you have your eyes and ears opened by His grace.


    • I disagree. My comments on Jesus are not unfounded or unlearned, but are a result of several years of extensive reading and research. Not only about Jesus but also about the history behind the doctrines and beliefs of the Christian church (which are considerably different than what is taught in Sunday School).

      I am very familiar with your perspective as I spent over 15 years within Christianity. However, several years ago my eyes and ears were opened, not by prayer or grace, but by common sense and reason.



      • Your response is exactly why your thinking on Christianity is wrong. Christianity is being a disciple of Christ, Son of God, the second Person of the Holy Trinity. We believe because we have Faith. And Faith is a gift from God, and it is because of His Grace, that we receive this gift. The most precious gift a person can have, is His sanctifying grace, which gives us the live if the Hily Soirit and enables to love Gid more. It’s beautiful!!
        Catholicism is a religion of the Intellect and faith: its doctrines are intertwined with reason. Catholicism means ” universal ” , for everyone. Christianity comes from Christ ( The Saviour).
        Jesus Christ is God, and therefore we worship Him as such. All the splinters of Catholicism (Protestants groups) are incomplete, and with error.
        May God bless your search for His Truth, His Word: Our Lord and Redeemer.


        • Thank you for your comments, Susan. It is apparent you are dedicated to your faith. Unfortunately, I disagree with you on so many levels that it would be an exercise in futility for us to engage in a discussion of religion.

          You urged me to “pray for guidance” so my eyes and ears would be opened. I challenge you to do the same, with one exception. Try seeking the truth outside the confines of your Catholic teachings. If your faith is as strong as you think it is, nothing will change except you will have a broader understanding and appreciation of your beliefs. On the other hand, you may discover that I am not wrong in my thinking on Christianity.


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