My Take on the Zimmerman/Martin Case

OK, I can’t hold out any longer. I have to express my thoughts on the Zimmerman/Martin case.

First, I don’t believe Zimmerman when he talks about Trayvon beating his head against the concrete. More likely, he fell during a scuffle between he and Trayvon and when he went down, his head bounced on the sidewalk.

The bloody nose? I will concede that it’s very possible Trayvon gave it to him during a scuffle between the two of them.

But why did the confrontation happen in the first place? This is the question that isn’t being addressed.

I personally believe that Zimmerman approached Trayvon and, more than likely, accused him of being up to no-good. (Remember, in Trayvon’s phone conversation with his female friend, he asked Zimmerman why he was following him.) Trayvon, probably because of past experiences related to his race, went on the defensive and responded with anger. Zimmerman may then have retorted with a comment that included the n-word.

The next most likely action would have been pushing at each other, each one trying to gain the upper hand. This led to a scuffle. Zimmerman lost his footing and slammed his head on the concrete. Trayvon got on top of him and, very likely, hit him in the face.

And the calls for help? I would say they were probably Zimmerman because he knew he was on the losing end of this battle. But was he in danger of losing his life? That’s the question that begs to be answered.

I realize all of this is speculation on my part. As has been noted several times, the only one who really knows what happened is Zimmerman.

The most tragic part of this whole scenario is that one human being shot and killed another human being. Zimmerman walked away with a few bumps on his head and a bloody (broken?) nose, but Trayvon lost his life.


2 thoughts on “My Take on the Zimmerman/Martin Case

  1. Yeah, that’s kind of where I see things too. I just don’t see where the use of deadly force was justified, especially since Zimmerman started things by following him. And as the adult, Zimmerman should have been responsible enough to keep it from escalating to that point.


  2. The Stand your ground law is or was only for Zimmerman and not Travon? Did he deserved to be hunted and presumed because he was Black and presumed guilty Black Man (Boy Walking) ?


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