The Numbers Tell the Story

There’s little I can add …



4 thoughts on “The Numbers Tell the Story

  1. This is one matter on which I can wholeheartedly agree with you both. Sadly.

    The two wars have apparently so far cost $2 trillion, and that is estimated to rise to about $5 trillion by 2050, the extra coming in interest payments, ongoing rehabilitation, etc. That amount could have put the USA on a sustainable energy footing with little or no dependence on oil, or paid for a health scheme, or bought a lot of schools and hospitals in the Middle East, or …. almost anything.


    • And now McCain is over talking with the Syrian opposition forces! No doubt promising U.S. assistance … in fact, the article I read says discussions focused on “the need for military assistance.”

      For me, it’s not so much the cost of these wars in dollars (although that is certainly a major factor), but it’s the LIVES that are lost … on both sides. McCain and others (mostly Republicans) seem to have no objection to sending more and more of our young men (and women) to fight on foreign soil.


  2. And where America goes, so often Australia follows. I don’t see any use in supporting the opposition for it is just one (or more) Muslim factions fighting another (or more).


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