Christianity and the Taliban

Letter to the EditorFollowing is a letter that was published in the local paper about Christian Reconstructionism. I had heard this term used before, but was not totally familiar with its meaning. After reading the writer’s comments,  I have a much better understanding of what Christian Reconstructionism is … and it makes me shudder.

To give the letter the increased exposure that I think it deserves, I am reprinting it here, with the author’s permission:

Christian Recontructionism (American Taliban) is a broad social, political and academic agenda whose ultimate goal is to change American culture by shaping public policy and laws to reflect Old Testament or biblical law. Reconstructionism would eliminate not only democracy, but also labor unions, civil rights laws and public schools. God’s law approves of the death penalty for murder, abortion, homosexuality, adultery, incest and disobedient children.

It might surprise you that Islam and Christianity are both based on the Old Testament. Fundamentalist societies based on the Old Testament will have similar values. The Puritans, Amish and Warren Jeffs’ Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are American versions. Minimal education, oppression of women, strict laws and punishments are the norm. Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comments are typical.

Reconstructionists are trying to force creationism into public schools in order to indoctrinate all children in biblical law. The Supreme Court has ruled against it. But since Reconstructionists believe ‘Biblical law trumps the Constitution,’ the fight continues. They have become vocal politicians and encourage Christians to fight the ‘establishment.’

Christian Reconstructionism isn’t about honoring God, it’s about controlling America. Christianity isn’t about bombing abortion clinics, carrying guns or forcing creationism on children. Christianity is not about overthrowing your government. Christians’ religion has been hijacked for political gain. They need to stand up and fight back before they lose both their faith and their country. — Janine Kloes

You can read more about Christian Reconstructionism here.


3 thoughts on “Christianity and the Taliban

  1. Wow. So much misinformation here I am not sure where to begin. First, the Bible does not approve of abortion (but affirms the right to life and its sanctity), homosexuality (says its an affront to God and not His plan for our lives), adultery (um, 10 commandments?), incest (condemns those activities) and disobedient children (the way I raise my kids is based on the Bible and it isn’t producing disobedience-quite the opposite).
    Second, Islam is not based on the Old Testament. There are a few similar stories and main characters, but they are very different, particularly in how they view and portray God.
    Certainly some Christians have gone overboard in trying to influence culture, and perhaps have even be dishonest in their attempts to do so. But we ought never confuse the truth of the Bible and Christianity with right-wing nut-jobs.


    • Brad, thanks for your comments.

      First, the writer did not say the Bible approves of abortion, homosexuality, adultery, incest, or disobedient children. Look again. She actually says that God’s law approves of the death penalty for committing these things.

      Secondly, you are partially correct. Islam is based on the Qur’an … which includes parts of both the Old and New Testament. Further, Islam and Judaism have the same origins because they both go back to the patriarch Abraham.

      The Christian Reconstructionism movement does not consist of “right-wing nut-jobs.” In fact, it has expanded from the works of a small group of scholars to a wide swath of conservative Christians who agree with it in thought and action.

      Here is what Reconstructionist theologian David Chilton wrote: “The Christian goal for the world is the universal development of Biblical theocratic republics, in which every area of life is redeemed and placed under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the rule of God’s law.”

      Having lived as a Christian myself for over 15 years, I know for a fact that this perspective was (and is) predominant in the Christian world.


  2. yeah. i guess i misunderstood the first paragraph.
    I think this line of thinking is a hope for many Christians. I mean, we would all love a world in which our values were predominant. But that kind of action is for Christians who don’t read their Bible. In the end, the world goes to crap and Jesus makes a new one. The political and social structures of this present world are ultimately unimportant. People are important.
    thanks for writing and sharing your ideas


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