Gun Rights or Doing What’s Right?

dorightLast night I watched Piers Morgan and a panel discuss gun rights. For the most part, it was a sane and even-toned discussion — until he allowed Scottie Hughes (news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News) to speak. Where everyone else maintained a certain decorum, this woman came across as very agitated as she loudly proclaimed the “rights” of individuals to own guns (based, of course, on the now extremely familiar and quoted Second Amendment).

In her opinion, people need the “right” to own a gun “just in case” our government becomes corrupt and we need to defend ourselves. She added, “We don’t know what’s going to happen. Today, we might have a bright, sunny America. But who’s to say what’s going to happen.”

(Personally, I would hate to live in such fear …)

Towards the end of the program, Piers introduced a couple of women who had lost family members in the mass shootings. I felt that one woman could not have said it better when she said people are more intent upon talking about their “rights” instead of “doing the right thing.”

To me, that brings everything in focus. What is more important? An individual’s “right” to own a gun? Or doing the right thing and getting some kind of gun control in place?

People in law enforcement and the military go through psychological testing plus extensive training before they can use guns in the line of duty. Why, then, do we allow average citizens to purchase military-style firearms (that can kills dozens of people in a matter of minutes) without anything more than a driver’s license and a cursory background check?


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