Thanking God for Hurricane Sandy

I just saw this heading on a blog posting, “Give Thanks For All God Has Done” … and it got me to wondering.

Does that mean Christians are to thank God for sending Hurricane Sandy? Should they thank “Him” for:

  • Destroying hundreds of homes?
  • Leaving thousands of people without power?
  • Causing the deaths of loved ones?
  • Shutting down businesses?
  • Eroding beaches?
  • Leaving travelers stranded?
  • Starting fires?
  • Disrupting the supply of clean water?
  • Enticing looters to steal and destroy?

Apparently so, because on, it clearly states that God controls the weather and even sends deadly storms. So this blog poster seems to have had it right … thank God for all He has done.

The article on Christian Answers goes on to say that the REASON for storms such as Sandy is because of man’s fall into sin and God’s curse. It further declares that all the pain and sorrow of this world (including severe weather) demonstrates that we are living in an “imperfect world.”


I don’t know about anyone else, but I kind of like the world I live in. It doesn’t seem imperfect to me at all. Especially when I look around at all the wondrous parts that make up this awesome planet.

But then, I’ve acquired a different perspective on the way things are over the past several years. And quite frankly, I like my outlook better.