Help Out the Poor Pastor – Are You Kidding Me?

Today I came across a blog posting entitled, “10 Creative Ways to Honor Your Pastor” (written by a pastor, of course). It listed such things as providing dinner for a full week, assisting with home chores (landscaping, painting, handyman tasks, etc.), washing the car and filling it with gas, buying gifts for the kids, financing a vacation, sending notes and letters of appreciation, plus a couple of other things.

I was amazed. When many people today are barely able to put food on the table, their pastor is asking for dinners? When individuals are spending their days out looking for work, their pastor is asking them to take time out and  mow his/her lawn? When families are simply trying to makes ends meet, their pastor is asking them to put gas in his/her car or buy gifts for the kids? And to ask financially strapped church members to pay for the pastor’s vacation? Such a request is simply beyond belief!

But what I found even more amazing is that this writer/pastor felt the need to post these requests on the internet!