Man Dies, Comes Back To Life

As Mr. Bill would say, “Ohhh Nooo!!!” Not another one!

I received this from a Christian email friend.

(Unfortunately, the audio isn’t in sync with the video, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.)

This was my response to his email …

IMO, these ‘near-death’ experiences are pretty much bunk. Nearly every person who ‘experiences’ one has had some type of religious/Christian exposure and what they “see” is totally influenced by this. Awhile back, I heard about a non-believer who apparently had one of these experiences and she described things much differently. Of course, people like her don’t get the same exposure since their stories don’t go along with the ‘heavenly’ visions that Christians want/need to hear.

I do tend to think there may be a ‘spiritual dimension’ that one enters upon death, but I don’t believe it’s something anyone can ‘come back’ from.

2 thoughts on “Man Dies, Comes Back To Life

  1. I am a follower/believe but I don’t know about these near death stories. However, your point about the non-believer having a very different story of his/her experience makes sense. I would not expect a non-believer putting a toe into the next realm to have anythingn close to believer experience if the Bible has any merit (and if these are near-death experiences).

    We haggle about the near-death but dreams are another category. I have heard some great, great dream recaps. But they are just that–dreams.


    • papapound — thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I took a quick look at your blog and plan to go back for a more thorough look-see. It’s always interesting to read and consider the many and varied viewpoints of believers, non-believers, and those who are on the fence.


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