The Heart of the Matter

god-heart Is there a problem with “looking into your heart” to decide if God exists, what God really is and isn’t saying, and which parts of the holy text are and are not divinely inspired?

Well, yes, there is. When it comes to questions of what’s actually true in the external, non-subjective world (such as whether God exists and what he thinks and wants) … if you look into your heart to answer these questions, how do you know that what’s in your heart is right … and what may be in your neighbor’s heart is wrong?

Believers tend to conveniently overlook the fact that other believers are looking just as deeply into their hearts … and may be coming up with the exact opposite answers.

Unfortunately, the ultimate arbiter is an invisible, inaudible, intangible being, whose nature and attributes nobody can agree on, and whose ultimate decisions we have no way of knowing until after we die.

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4 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter

  1. Being a non-believer, I live in all-Catholic environment in a Catholic country. My wife, three married children, several grandkids, in-laws, practically friends and neighbors are Catholic. They all “accept” me because, in spite of not going to church and not joining them in prayers before meals, they consider me a good person. To which I agree, not because I didn’t kil my mother, but because, more than once, someone has said to me that he finds me a better Christian than many of them.
    But they are completely unable to understand my agnosticism. “One HAS to believe in something”, they insist, and they incessantly pray for my conversion. So I cannot avoid being seen as an atheist by them.

    Your sentence

    Believers tend to conveniently overlook the fact that other believers are looking just as deeply into their hearts … and may be coming up with the exact opposite answers.

    phrases very well whatI I am conscious of. I am still looking for an answer to what could be the reason for that lack of comprehension.

    I think I might agree with the “opposite answers”, cherry-picking a handful of the good things in the Bible, if it were not for my greatest objection to religions: the “obligation” to worship their icons, scriptures, holy places, to cross oneself when passing by a church or a religious icon, genuflect before the altar.
    If there is an essential difference in these attitudes with those of superstition, I would like to know it.



  2. I’m sorry not to have received a reply/comment on my question with regard to superstition. Maybe you read these lines now, and answer me, thank you in advance, greetings,



    • I apologize, Federico, but I thought it was a rhetorical question.

      The obligations you spoke of are, I believe, nothing more than superstition (an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear). I have found that most people in the Catholic faith perform many of their rituals simply because they have been instructed to do so as part of the church’s doctrine. Most have no idea WHY (ignorance) they are required to do them.

      The other reason they do these things is because they’re trying to ‘guarantee’ their soul will be ‘safe’ in the afterlife. This is where the ‘fear’ comes in.

      In my opinion, no one has the right to tell anyone how to live their life. If a person wants to be ‘religious’ and live according to the dictates of a church, that’s their prerogative. By the same token, if someone has doubts about God or Christianity or any other part of the religious world, s/he should not be looked down upon.

      Follow your heart, Federico. Do what feels right to YOU and don’t let others try to persuade you that your way of thinking is ‘wrong.’


  3. You are right Nan, I realize I didn’t put the question clearly. So I’m the one to apologize.

    Rituals are not only performed by ignorant people but also by well-educated persons, who are fully aware of symbols and other details, and even find them quite inspiring. I have found that intelligence has no relation with, nor a bearing on, religious belief. And apparently it doesn’t prevent believers from behaving themselves “well” because of fear for that terrible alternative to paradise and eternal life.

    A hand-kiss for your advice to follow my heart. I liked it very much! All the best,



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