Christian Prayers in Public Places

I just came across yet another incident where Christians are upset because they aren’t being allowed to offer prayers at certain public events. This time it was at high school football games in Desoto County, MS.

Apparently pre-game prayer has been regularly offered over the loudspeakers before the games. The practice was recently discontinued because the school system “bowed to pressure” from a Wisconsin anti-religious group.

Of course, this angered and upset hundreds of the faithful and several parents have now put a movement in place to fight the action. They think Christians in the stands should be allowed to recite the “Lord’s Prayer” immediately after the Star Spangled Banner is played/sung. The spokesman for the group says Christians don’t want to “compromise their beliefs” and feels it is their “right” to be able to pray in public.

The question that continues to come to my mind whenever I read about these ‘protests’ is this: What about the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Jews, atheists, etc.? What about their beliefs (or non-beliefs) and rights? To many of them, praying to the “Christian God” is an offense.

I can’t help but wonder what Christians think they are accomplishing by wanting to make prayer a public activity. Do they actually think they are going to ‘convert’ non-believers just because they hear the “Lord’s Prayer” (or some other prayer) being recited?

Not only that, Jesus told his followers, “when you pray, enter into your closet.” Yet again and again, Christians blatantly ignore this directive.