Christine O-Donnell Stomps Her Feet – Right Out of Her Interview

Little kids are known for crying and stomping their feet in resistance to being asked/told to do something they don’t want to do. Sometimes they will run away to another part of the yard/house to avoid carrying out the parent’s wishes.


Christine O’Donnell offered a perfect demonstration of this childish action in her interview with Piers Morgan (CNN) on Wednesday night (8/17/11).

Of course, instead of crying, she accused her interviewer of being “rude” (this is the ‘grown-up’ way of doing things).

And then she ran away.

According to an article on the Christian Science Monitor website, this entire scene was very possibly ‘staged’ … “in the sense that O’Donnell and her publicists had discussed what might happen, and agreed she might bolt if the talk reached a certain point.”

In any case, if she wanted attention, she certainly got it. Just like a little kid.

I would hate to think how she would react to unpleasant questions if she ever decided to run for President.