God’s Help? I wonder …

An email friend recently sent the following note to his ‘group’:

I am blessed. Yesterday, I was driving home from some errands with about an hour of oxygen left, when my car died and would not restart. I immediately prayed to God to help me. It took just under an hour to get towed home. In that time, 6 vehicles carrying 11 people stopped to help. I wasn’t doing well in the heat and apparently looked like it: One lady insisted on waiting for the tow truck so I could sit in her a/c car. Thank you, Lord!

I knew this person was a Christian, but as I read what he wrote, I couldn’t help but wonder … was I to believe that (in answer to his prayer) the Big Man in the Sky looked down from his ‘heavenly throne,’ saw this one individual suffering, took time out from his busy schedule of running the universe, and stepped in to remedy the situation?

And then I wondered … what about the hundreds of thousands of other people who were, at that very same instant, in need of assistance? Was God helping them as well? Was God helping the U.S. soldier hit by an IED in Afghanistan and clinging to life? Or the child in Africa one breath away from dying of starvation? Or the family desperately trying to save their burning home?

Further wondering … what if the tow truck hadn’t arrived within the hour? What if no one had stopped to help? Would this mean God didn’t hear or was too busy to answer my friend’s call for help?

9/3/11 UPDATE: See this blog posting for additional thoughts on prayer.