The Casey Anthony Conundrum

Oh my. I just can’t help myself. I simply have to comment on Casey Anthony. Yup, I got sucked in the same as hundreds of others. Maybe not to the point of watching the actual trial while it was going on, but I did watch Nancy Grace (oops) to get all the highlights.

Here’s my scenario. I do think Casey killed her daughter, but I also think it was an accident. No, Caylee didn’t drown in the pool. She was suffocated to death. I won’t speculate on whether or not chloroform was used, but I do think some type of relaxant put Caylee to sleep so Casey could do her thing, whether it was going to a party, being with her boyfriend, whatever. She just wanted to make sure her daughter didn’t interfere with her plans. She added the duct tape in case Caylee woke up and started crying.

Of course, as we know, Caylee never woke up.

casey-and-caylee There is no doubt Casey panicked when she discovered her daughter was dead. How in the world was she going to explain what happened? She decides to put her little body in a garbage bag and place it in the back of the car until she can decide what to do. I think she added the heart sticker and wrapped her in the Winnie the Poo blanket because she truly loved her daughter (as confirmed by several witnesses).

She then goes about her business for the next several days, which included partying and trying to act as if nothing is wrong in her life. As we already know, she doesn’t tell anyone Caylee is missing. But then the body begins to smell. This is when she realizes she has to do something, so she decides to place Caylee in the wooded area.

The car, however, still reeks of the decomposing body, so she abandons it in a parking lot – probably hoping the smell will dissipate and no one will be the wiser.

The rest is history.

Now here’s the rub in my scenario. Did Casey intentionally cover Caylee’s nose as well as her mouth? If she did, then I’m all wrong. It was murder. But if she, perhaps, accidentally covered her nose in the process, then we’re back to square one.

As for the jury’s decision – I have served on two murder trials. On one, everyone was in agreement the person was guilty and he got the death penalty. In the other, the prosecution asked for first degree murder but we had to return a verdict of second degree. Why? Even though every single one of us knew the guy was stone cold guilty, there simply wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of first degree.

scales These two experiences made me very aware that as a member of the jury, you  carry a very heavy burden. A person’s life could be in your hands. That’s why you MUST be convinced – beyond any reasonable doubt — that the evidence presented convicts the individual of the intended charge.

Did Casey Anthony kill her daughter? I think so. Did she do it intentionally? I doubt it. Did she react appropriately when she discovered the death? Probably not, but what would you have done?

Aided by the media, the public has tried and convicted Casey Anthony of murder and are upset she has been set free. But if my scenario is correct, she isn’t really free. She will live with this event for the rest of her life … knowing she killed her daughter. And for what? A few moments of fun?


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