Sarah P. and Paul R.

Few people have missed hearing or reading about Sarah Palin and her version of Paul Revere’s ride. (She’s such a joke.)

When I first heard ‘her’ version, I had some immediate thoughts … and they weren’t about her historical accuracy.

Before I explain, please read the quote below posted on the CNN website and written by Kenneth C. Davis, author of “Don’t Know Much About History,” which will be published this month in a newly revised, updated and expanded edition by HarperCollins.

But it is also dangerous when people “cherry pick” pieces of the story to suit their purposes, when the foot is cut to fit the shoe. A sanitized but incomplete, or worse, wildly inaccurate, version of history can be cited to support just about any political stand. Like scripture, the words and deeds of the Founders, mixed with bits and pieces of American mythology, are trumpeted to support positions on every issue from individual rights, states’ rights, gun rights or gun control, to taxes, immigration, public prayer and, most dangerously, taking the nation to war.

I added the emphasis to Mr. Davis’ remark because I believe THIS is the point Ms. Palin was furtively trying to make to her audience.

Sarah Palin with a gunShe has made no bones about being strongly in favor of the right to bear arms. And why not? She wants to be able to shoot all the big wooly wild animals in her home state! What a shame it would be if she could no longer crawl into a helicopter and gun down those awful marauding wolves. Oh, and what would she do about feeding her family if she was no longer able to fill her freezer with the game animals she’s “harvested” in Alaska?

Please note: I am not personally expressing my support or opposition of gun control. I’m just saying …

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