Not Everyone is a Christian

praying-hands Recent news includes a story about a judge’s ruling against an opening or closing prayer and the use of certain religious words during a graduation ceremony in a Texas community. The ruling was requested by a student who is a non-believer.

Of course, the town’s Christians are all up-in-arms and feel their ‘rights’ have been trampled upon.

In fact, in an interview on Fox News, one of the residents commented that the majority of the students wanted the prayer and now one student had “ruined it” for all the rest. Another father commented that because prayer was a “tradition,” it should be allowed to continue. Never mind that the Supreme Court ruled prayer in schools is unconstitutional.

I can’t help but wonder how these same people would feel if a student wanted to invoke a Muslim prayer or a Hindu prayer or even a Wiccan prayer? What would their reaction be then? Somehow I doubt they would defend the prayer tradition so adamantly.

While Christianity may be the majority religion in America, not everyone is a Christian. And when it comes to the Constitution, the majority cannot take away the civil rights of the minority.


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