OMG! It’s the End of the World!

judgment_day_terror Watch out, folks. May 21, 2011 is just around the corner and according to Harold Camping, pastor of a group in Oakland, CA, it’s JUDGMENT DAY!

All you ‘sinful’ people out there better hurry up and ‘make it right’ with God. Especially those who don’t believe the bible, participate in the “Gay Pride Movement,” and/or are part of the “moral breakdown of society.” According to Camping, your destiny has been sealed and God’s wrath is upon your head.

I wonder if Camping realizes he joins a looooong list of pseudo-prophets. In fact, one of the earliest predictions was in 90 CE when St. Clement was certain the world was going to end at any moment — and the doomsayers have continued with their dire warnings ever since.

What I find interesting is these people all base their end-time prophesies on bible scripture yet totally ignore the most important scripture of all, spoken by Jesus in Mark 13:32: “ … but about that day or hour no one knows …” (NRSV).

One thing I’d like to ask Camping is this: when May 21st rolls around in America, it will already be May 22nd in Australia. Will our friends ‘down under’ have already been judged? Will Americans have an extra day to ‘get ready?’

This is not Camping’s first prediction of “Judgment Day.” In 1992 he wrote a book in which he warned the world was going to end in 1994. Of course, he had a ready explanation about why it didn’t – he had “misunderstood” the scriptures.

It will be interesting to see what his reasons are this time.


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