The Muslim Faith-Can You Look Beyond the Rhetoric?

Much has been said and written about the Muslim people, the Qur’an, and the Islamic faith since the tragedy of 9-11 — and the sad part is that a vast majority of the information has been tainted and twisted to advance certain ideologies.

Even sadder is how few people take the time and effort to research and validate what others claim about the Muslims, their faith, or their holy book. Instead, they buy into the ugliness because, hey, it was those nasty Muslims who killed 3,000 of our people!

The same thing happened after World War II. The Germans and Japanese were ostracized without mercy. Innocent people were blackballed, shunned, and finally deported from the U.S. — simply because of their heritage.

Many people are up-in-arms because Muslims consider their religion to be the only true religion. How is this different from what Christians believe? And who decides?

Some disapprovingly point to the fact that Muslims do not see Jesus in the same light as the Christians because they reject his divinity and condemn the doctine of the Trinity. But does this make them evil? No. It simply means they have a different point of view.

Few realize that the prophet Muhammad spoke approvingly of Jews and Christians and called them fellow “People of the Book;” that is, people who recognize the God of Abraham as the one and only true god. In fact there are numerous statements in the Qur’an that promote tolerance towards non-Muslims. Unfortunately, there are those in the Christian world who refuse to do the same.

It should be recognized that Muslims differ among themselves about certain beliefs — not unlike Christians. There are radicals in both faiths who teach doctrines far different than the teachings contained in their holy books. The individuals who bombed the Twin Towers are good examples, as are those in the Christian faith who kill people who disagree with their interpretation of the scriptures.

I’m fully aware there will be those of you reading this who adamantly disagree with my thoughts. You are entitled to your opinion and I hope you will grant me the same right.

I cannot close this posting without commenting on the proposed Islamic Center in New York. Whether you agree or disagree with the intended location, consider this. One day Ground Zero will be be dominated by a NEW World Trade Center, consisting of four skyscrapers, a memorial and museum, a transportation hub, and a performing arts center. There is little doubt it will be a spectacular edifice and will dwarf any other establishments in the surrounding areas — Muslim or otherwise.


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