So What if President Obama is Muslim?

There is a video making the rounds via email that totally disgusts me.  It is about President Obama and his Muslim background and is clearly an attempt by the video producers to show him in a negative light by using soundbites and images to promote their personal ideology.

If you haven’t seen it, the link is at the bottom of this posting.

Ever since he took office, President Obama has been trying to get the American people to think positively of the Muslin people and of the Islamic faith. He wants us to stop focusing on the Muslim extremists and realize there are good people in Iran (and other Muslin countries) just as there are in other nations of the world. He says himself that he is trying to fight the negative stereotypes that the American people have of Muslim people.

During WW2, people did the same thing they’re doing today — they condemned every German and Japanese person just because of the actions the governments of these countries took against the U.S. Were all the people bad? No. Surely we know by now there are bad apples in every barrel. Or do we?

Obama has never denied his Muslim background. Would we prefer that he did … and then find out about it later? How would that have set with the American people? Just because he chooses to honor his background rather than deny it and cast it in a bad light, certain people castigate him and call him disloyal to the U.S.

Towards the end of the video, Obama makes the statement that America is not and never will be at war with Islam. He has made it clear in other speeches that we are, however, at war with the extremists and jihadists who want to destroy America.

President Obama once made the comment that we are not a Christian (or a Jewish or a Muslim) nation and many people went ballistic! How dare he! What they failed to hear was his next statement: “We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.”

What is often forgotten — or deliberately overlooked — is that our Constitution does NOT say we are a Christian nation. On the contrary, our forefathers wanted to make it clear that each of us has the right to practice any religion of our choice. (Read the First Amendment — and while you’re at it, read about the religious background of the founders of the Constitution.)

This video is just one more example of individuals trying to whip people into a frenzy and add to the already-present discord and strife in our country. It does nothing but breed fanaticism and an ongoing spiral of hate, fear, and reprisals.

Finally, I find it interesting that those who denounce President Obama’s Muslim background often claim to be Christians … yet they overlook one of the greatest commandments ever uttered by their Leader  … love your neighbor as yourself.

Here is the link to the video.


7 thoughts on “So What if President Obama is Muslim?

  1. Hi Nan, The issue is not whether Obama is Muslim — the larger issue is that he is not Christian. One cannot be both, so let’s celebrate his Muslim heritage and religion.

    I think you may been quoting Scripture. Could you explain the context in which you used it?

    Thank you,


    • The fact that Obama has a Muslim background does not mean he is of the Islamic faith. The two are not necessarily synonymous. One can have a Christian or Jewish background and yet not practice Christianity or Judaism.

      Obama has stated he is a Christian. Whether people choose to believe that is their perogative. In my opinion, there is no “larger issue.”

      I used the scripture in the context that too many “Christians” choose to denigrate people they do not agree with. Jesus said to love your neighbor … not demonize them.


  2. Lots of people in this culture will say they are ‘Christian’ and often it is a matter of tradition and heritage. And since you mentioned the idea of ‘practicing’ Christianity then you would agree that ones ‘practice’ is a demonstration of ones’s Religious claim. Sitting in a church on Sundays does not make one a Christian.

    Again, I wonder why the defense of Obama’s ‘Christianity’ is it important to you?

    The quote you used is found in several places in Scripture — Jesus did say to ‘love’ your neighbor — and speaking truth is loving not demonizing. Your reference to ‘love’ lacks depth and honesty. Parents discipline and correct their children all in the name of ‘love’. It is not demonizing nor cruel. This is the love of which Christ speaks.


    • This discussion seems to be straying from the point I was trying to make in my original posting. It was never about whether Obama is a Christian or not. It was that certain factions in this country are trying to create dissent and distrust of our President by claiming he is a (practicing) Muslim and putting him in the same category as the extemists and jihadists that attacked the U.S.

      You immediately jumped on my comments by making the statement that the “larger issue” is that Obama “is not Christian.” I responded by merely repeating what Obama has said about himself — that he is a Christian. I added that whether you choose to believe him or not is your perogative. I’m not sure how this is “defending” his Christianity.

      As I said in my posting, it disgusts (and disturbs) me that people are attacking the elected leader of our country by promoting hate, suspicion, and fear. To disagree with his policies and actions is one thing, but to attack his character is something else.

      I tend to agree with ex-President Clinton when he says political dissent is necessary, but “demonization” of government is dangerous and sets up a climate that promotes violence.


  3. Hi Nan,

    Actually, most of your post demonizes Christians.

    But I can leave that thread — President Obama has created the suspicion and fear of The People because his campaign words and promises were lies (not that different from any other politician) but this man deceived thousands. His complete disregard for the power of the People is almost tyranny.

    The comparison to Germany is interesting. Hitler was democratically elected . . . Most Every law that enabled Hitler to seize control and plan and implement his diabolical plan to exterminate the Jewish people won by a democratic vote.

    There were hundreds if not thousands of Germans who did nothing. They ignored the trains filled with people, they ignored the smell of human flesh burning, they ignored all the signs of the ramping up of power.

    The Nazis were a legitimate political party — plenty was in the open for the German people to see.

    Hitler used democracy as the path to power, then crushed that democracy once he gained control.

    I want to be very clear, I do not hold the German people responsible for the monster who vowed to uphold the Weimar Constitution on January 30, 1933 — BUT tell me WHO is responsible for democratically elected governments?

    . . . and please tell me about the character of President Obama that you admire.


    • Gee. I went back and reread what I wrote and I couldn’t find a single sentence that said I “admired” Obama’s character.

      Also, to “demonize” means to “make into a demon.” Nowhere have I said anything about Christians being “demons.”

      Judy, as much as I enjoy our ‘debate’ on Obama, I must end it here. It’s taking too much of my time and it’s apparent we will never see eye-to-eye. Thanks so much for contributing to my blog and please visit again.


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