God and Haiti Earthquake Survivors

As I listen to news reports of the Haitian earthquake and hear survivors thank God they are alive, I can’t help but ask:  If God is responsible for saving the life of one Haitian, what about the Haitian that died? What role did God play?

Many insist God is in total control and there is a Master Plan for each of us. They believe that whether a person lives or dies — in any circumstance — is part of God’s Plan. In other words, in the Haitian earthquake, it was “God’s Will” that one survived and another didn’t.

I find it a bit incredible that God, as the Divine Creator of the entire Universe, actually chooses when and who is going to die on any given day.

And for someone to say this whole thing happened because Haiti has a “pact with the devil” is so ludicrous, it makes me wonder about the mental state of the person who made the comment!


One thought on “God and Haiti Earthquake Survivors

  1. Excellent points. I have always disagreed strongly with the “God’s will” part of religion. If you believe in an all-powerful deity who active influences this universe, you have to believe that he (and it’s always a he) meant it to happen. Most Theists have a hard time with God not just letting evil happen but actually causing it. The fallback position to keep their head from exploding is to say it is part of some mysterious plan we can’t possibly understand. Somehow that plan just required the deaths of 200,000 of the poorest people on Earth.
    Maybe he was building a really big patio.

    This is the Blessed Atheist signing off
    BTW Thanks for linking to my site.


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