Air Security and Politics

Leonard Pitts, columist for the Miami Herald, recently wrote an excellent article about air security and politics.

One of the most telling statements in his piece was this:

Too often, our leaders cannot work for the greater good because they acknowledge no good greater than politics.

He was referring to how “partisan” the Christmas Day failed attack has become. The Republicans (e.g., Dick Cheney) couldn’t wait to take advantage of the opportunity to condemn the Democrats for being “weak on security” and “pretending” we’re not at war. (Of course, they forget that Richard Reid’s bungled attempt to blow up a jetliner with his shoe was on President Bush’s watch.)

He comments that our leadership has become so polarized that it is “incapable of seeing in any dimension beyond the political.” In fact, he goes so far as to write, ” … partisanship literally matters more than life itself.”

Pitts further notes this latest incident has the Republicans wondering how they can turn it to their advantage, while the Democrats (Janet Napolitano) wonder how thay can deflect the blame.

Personally, I find this constant bickering between the parties totally disgusting and completely antithetical to the common good.

Would that we could get some people in Congress that care about “We the People” instead of whether or not they will be re-elected!

You can read the full article here.


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