Sarah Palin Has “Instincts”

The following is an excerpt from Larry King’s interview of John McCain on Wednesday, 10/29, courtesy of

KING: You’re president of the United States, you’re flying over the Pacific between nowhere and nowhere. There’s an attack on the United States. How much confidence do you have in vice president Palin?

MCCAIN: Total.

KING: Total?

MCCAIN: She has the instincts, she shares my world view. She has — look, I would remind you that there was a obscure governor from Arkansas, that not too many years ago — that gained the presidency. And he had no national security experience. He would never match up, as much as I love Bush I, with him on national security. We had just won the Gulf War.

Sarah Palin understands these issues. She understands them very well. And frankly, with a lot of conversations that I’ve had with her, she’s incredibly quick study.

KING: So, there would be no question in your mind that she could take over?

MCCAIN: She not only would take over. She would inspire Americans. That’s what I think she would do. She would unite the country in a time of crisis.

I can’t help but wonder … does John McCain truly believe that Sarah Palin’s “instincts” and her ability to “inspire Americans” will be all it takes to handle this country in a time of crisis — especially if it involved an attack on the United States?