Abortion and the Impaired Fetus

We are all individuals. I am not you, you are not me. How I live my life is my choice. If I make the wrong choices for my life, I am the one who will pay the consequences. You may offer guidance and suggestions along the way, but the final decision for the choices I make is mine.

Having said this, it is my firm belief that if a woman chooses to have an abortion, for whatever reason, NO ONE (least of all the Government) has the right to tell her she can’t.

Conservatives (mostly the religious right) wring their hands and moan because the courts have declared that abortion is a legal right. They believe it is morally wrong to extinguish the life of an unborn fetus.

While I support ‘life,’ I more strongly support CHOICE.

I’ve been acquainted with women who have chosen abortion and believe me, it is not an easy decision — nor is it made in haste. And many suffer for a long time afterwards. BUT … it was still their choice.

Many have praised the current Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, for continuing her pregnancy even though she knew the unborn child was afflicted with Downs Syndrome.

This is all well and good, but WHAT IF every women who discovered she was carrying an impaired child was required by law to abort that child?

It could happen. Our planet is straining even now to sustain the existing population. If it continues to grow, there could come a day when ‘the government’ decides that only healthy, blemish-free newborns should be allowed to survive.

So you see — it works both ways.

Simply put — abortion is now, and should remain, a matter of CHOICE.


2 thoughts on “Abortion and the Impaired Fetus

  1. Normally I don’t read blogs, but yours was an exception. I read all your posts on your website, and I can reply to each of them, but this particular subject is the most touching for me.
    You know what’s missing from your comments? The fetus’s point of view. If any unborn baby was asked whether (s)he wants to live or die, what do you think they would choose?
    I had this conversation with my daughter when she was a teenager. She said that fetus is not a human being. I asked her: is it a human being when the fetus is 8 mo into gestation? She said yes. I asked: what about 6 month? She said yes. What about 4 month? …you can imagine that I went all the say to the day of conception. She had to agree with me that even when 4 cells big, the fetus IS a human being, just in a different form.
    For any woman an unwanted pregnancy is a huge inconvenience. To get rid of this inconvenience they invented their “right to choose”. I think that with so many people wanting to adopt, these women should give birth (yes, it will be inconvenient for 9 month) and give these children up for adoption instead of killing them.


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